What is Inside a Keurig Coffee K-Cup?

by Kitchen Barista

For those of us who have made the switch to a kcup single serve coffee maker, or at least have one for use when we need a quick jolt, there has been a lot of curiousity around one thing….exactly what is inside a k-cup? We know there is obviously coffee and some sort of filter device, but is there anything else inside that plastic cup that delivers a great cup of coffee from the likes of Caribou Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee, and Coffee People to name a few of the many companies that sell k-cups.

Come on, you can admit it. Whether you are using a Keuring brewer or one made for K-Cups like a Breville, you have always wanted to tear one open and see how they work. I know you want to look. In this edition of In The Kitchen, we tear one open and solve the mystery for you once and for all.


  • Teiseman

    Loved it! Very informative!

    Thanks Kitchen Barista! 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I enjoyed filming it with her.

  • Landolutz1

    There’s no “n” in Keurig.  It’s not Keuring.

  • Anonymous

    Epic fail on my part! Thanks for pointing out my error, you are the only one to have noticed since it was posted.

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